About Irena Bliss 


I am inspired to assist clients to open, expand and listen within, to create more fulfilling, empowered, and happy lives! I began my journey similarly, learning to tune in...


A serious health issue in 1998 was my 'wake-up' call inviting me to create a more authentic life. I began asking myself, what would make me happy now? And so I embarked on an inner and outer journey... I went to a surf camp in southern California (something I always wanted to do), visited Hawai'i synchronously for the first time that year, and also felt the pull to shift my career. I felt drawn to painting, movement and healing arts - most of which I had little 'formal training' in. I started my Bliss Creative & Healing Arts www.aboutbliss.com simply by following what I loved! I became a certified Yoga Teacher (Kripalu Center, MA) and a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. I studied meditation and intuitive development for many years experiencing profound benefits in my own life. I studied various Hawaiian healing arts (mahalo nui Kumu Harry Uhane Jim, Papa Kepelino, Daniel Fowler) and feel so blessed to learn from the wise Hawaiian people/culture and enjoy the healing beauty of the sacred islands. I also studied conscious dance / movement (eg., Ecstatic/Tribal Dance, 5 Rhythms, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Somatic Movement, Conscious Dance, Axis Syllabus, Natural Movement Pathways) and love the freeing and soul-connecting aspects of intuitive art and movement. I continue to explore creativity, movement, and living/healing arts.


My background also included an Engineering education (B.A.Sc.(Honours), M.A.Sc., P.Eng.) and while working as a professional engineer full-time, I started painting to express my love of visual creativity and colour. I painted and sold one-of-a-kind painted pieces through various art shows, stores and galleries including Arts on King in Toronto. I was also a feature artist on an episode of Citytv's Cityline "Homeday", a Canadian television show. My artwork is inspired by a love of colour and uplifting imagery. My visual creativity has expanded to include paintings and Bliss cards, journals, bags, painted silk pieces, interior/web/graphic design and other creative services. Click here to learn more.


I blend a 'grounded practical' and 'creative intuitive' approach, as reflected in my broad range of life experiences, and Bliss Creative & Healing/Living Arts services. I offer clients a compassionate presence and hold 'soul space' to facilitate a journey of expanded awareness, ease, and joy! I create personalized experiences that support others in moving in the authority and wisdom of their own soul!


I am also passionate about encouraging a loving respectful relationship with Mother Earth and all life, light-footprint living, simplicity, and balance, inside and out. Please visit "Calling All Outsiders" site and Be an Earth Steward and support earth-friendly living. I also blog on this topic.

I love Momma Earth! 30d Intentions


Overall, I am happy and grateful to facilitate journeys to expanded awareness, supporting clients' empowerment, unconditional love, peace, and happiness. I am honoured to hold space and assist others in their expansion and blossoming! : )


Please contact me for more information and to arrange a session.
love and namaste,
Irena Bliss

Irena Bliss Irena Bliss

Cultivate peace.