Some client testimonials:


"(What) you provided to me was instrumental in my healing process and journey of me coming home. Thank you very much for providing me with such a wonderful healing space full of love and light, it was an awesome place to receive additional restorative energy that I needed greatly. Had the best sleep I have had in a very long time. I appreciate your guidance and readings of my situation and knowings...it was highly acknowledging as what I have just undergone cannot fully be explained in words, but you just knew what I had endured and what I needed to hear to move forward, and that was highly healing and validating. You are a talented, beautiful and spirited woman! I appreciate your support in bringing me fully home, you are an incredible healer!" (S.F.)


"I had the most amazing experience with Irena... It was for me a journey of complete surrender to the healing process. I will cherish her beautiful energy... and look forward to having the experience many times." (G.S.)


"I am so grateful for the safe, loving space that Irena created for me throughout my session. It was such an amazing experience - other-worldly and yet one of coming home to myself. I gained such clarity and insight around the intention I had set and these have continued to stay with me." (F.B.)


"I felt like I was in a sacred dance in slow motion with an amazing healer." (N.N.)


“You are an inspiration for women... to rejuvenate even when they have fallen or mistreated themselves/others through the mind. I celebrate you in your art and coaching, giving people their wings back and their courage to dream anew.” (S.T.)



I am honoured to hold the space for clients to open, heal, transform, and return home to heart and spirit.

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Feel lightness and ease...